Alumni Community and SupportClearview Treatment Programs understands that recovery from drug or alcohol addiction and mental health issues is a lifelong process. A thorough aftercare plan should include support programs and activities that encourage ongoing sobriety and reduce your risk for relapse.

As part of our commitment to our clients, our full continuum of care includes an alumni community dedicated to providing continued support to the men and women who complete our dual diagnosis residential program.  We understand that finishing your initial treatment isn’t the end of your recovery journey. When challenges and obstacles to sobriety present themselves to our graduates, we will be there to support them.

You will meet with our alumni coordinator during your treatment and will learn about the alumni program services offered. Once you complete your treatment program, our alumni coordinator will contact you regularly for check-in calls. These calls are another way we support our clients along their recovery journey.

Our alumni community meets monthly to offer continued support and encouragement as you return to your daily life and responsibilities.  Staying engaged with positive, sober support is vital for long term sobriety. Being involved with alumni is also another way to stay accountable, encourages personal growth, and aids in your recovery efforts.

In addition to monthly meetings, Clearview’s Alumni program offers other fun activities and outings, including group dinners and bowling