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Holiday Spirits: Alcohol, Recovery, and the Holidays

Alcohol is a central part of the holidays and getting through the next few months sober can be hard. How can you protect your recovery this holiday season?

10 Signs of Depression to Look for in your Loved Ones

Are you concerned your loved one is showing signs of depression? Learn more about some of the symptoms of depression you can look out for and how to find help.

Understanding Drug Overdoses: Signs, Treatments, and How to Help

Drug overdoses affect not only the U.S. but populations all over the world. Understanding overdoses helps make a difference in how you can help.

Why CBT is a Great Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

CBT is a great treatment option for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD and helpling with stressful experiences such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Men?

Many men struggle with symptoms of mental illness but don’t want to admit they need help. For these men, mental illness is a silent crisis.

Why are Addiction Rates Higher in the LGBTQ Community?

Why are people in the LGBTQ community more than twice as likely to abuse alcohol and other mind-altering substances than heterosexual individuals?

Why Does Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Last 30 Days?

Many find that 30-day residential substance abuse treatment programs provide a structured environment and foundation for long-term recovery.

How to Find the Best Rehab in Los Angeles

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you are not alone. Finding a Los Angeles rehab can be the start of a lifetime journey of recovery.

Do I Have Alcohol Use Disorder?

If you have difficulty controlling how much you drink or uncomfortable symptoms if you try to stop drinking, you may have alcohol use disorder.

Stress Awareness Month: Mindfulness, Exercise and Nutrition to Reduce Stress

Stress Awareness Month is a time when mental health experts work to increase public awareness about stress, including its causes and cures.

What’s the Best Way to Eat Right for Mental Health?

There are many benefits of a healthy diet. Eating right is important for not just physical health but also for emotional and mental health.

How to Protect Your Mental Health During COVID-19

The continuous media coverage about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its classification as a global pandemic has triggered anxiety and fear in many people, especially those with mental health challenges.  

Why Do I Get Depressed After Drinking?

While drinking alcohol is sometimes able to lift your mood, it can also intensify feelings of sadness, depression, and hopelessness.

Terms Commonly Used in Mental Health Treatment

Don’t feel confused or intimidated by the terms used in mental health. This glossary contains phrases frequently used at mental health treatment centers.

What are the Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers?

Both mental illness and substance use disorder are complex conditions with overlapping symptoms. The best way to treat both is by treating them together.

Why do People with Bipolar Disorder Binge Drink?

When a person with bipolar disorder binge drinks, they often feel a sense of relief from the intensity of very high or very low emotions.

What is Seeking Safety in Substance Abuse and Trauma Treatment?

Seeking Safety is an evidence-based treatment model that is focused on the present and aims to help people find safety from addiction or trauma.

Is it Okay to Go to a Therapist Just for a Talk?

Do you wonder if it’s okay to make an appointment to see a therapist, not because you’re having a major crisis but just because you need someone to talk to?

Ending the Year Emotionally Healthy

As the end of the year approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on your emotional health. There are several things you can do to improve or maintain your emotional health.

What’s the Difference Between CBT and DBT?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are two of the most commonly used forms of talk therapy, and both have been found to be effective in treating mental illness.

Why DBT and Evidence-Based Treatment are the Best Options for People with Mental Illness

When your mental health treatment plan includes evidence-based practices, you have a very good chance of achieving overall recovery and wellness.

How to Help a Family Member Seek Mental Health Treatment

Realizing that a loved one is mentally ill can trigger a wide range of emotions, from fear to anger to shame. It’s important to be aware that you’re not alone, and that mental illness is a treatable condition.

How to Help Men with Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Health Disorders Being Hidden by Substance Abuse

If a man you love has a substance abuse problem that is concealing a mental health problem, encourage him to get help. The best treatment plan addresses both substance use disorder along with co-occurring mental illness.

What is a Behavioral Approach to Psychotherapy?

The behavioral approach is also known as behavior modification. It can be effective for people of all ages who struggle with a variety of challenges.

How Mental Illness Affects the Entire Family

The more family members learn about mental illness while still taking care of themselves, the more they’re able to support their loved ones.

Clearview Treatment Programs is now an In-Network Provider with MHN and Health Net Insurance Plans

This partnership with MHN and Health Net AZ, Health Net CA, and Health Net OR helps to ease the financial burden of treatment.

How do Mindfulness Masters Thích Nhất Hạnh and Jon Kabat-Zinn Compare?

Both Thích Nhất Hạnh and Jon Kabat-Zinn have made important contributions to the understanding and practical use of mindfulness in day-to-day life.

What Does Healthy Recovery Look Like?

Getting and staying sober is possible, and the healthier your recovery, the more likely you’ll be able to maintain your sobriety on a long-term basis.

What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

A recovery coach, also known as a sober coach, can help you navigate live sober, reduce your risk for relapse, and help with life goals.

The Importance of Nutritional Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction and alcoholism take its toll on physical health. Nutritional therapy should be part of your treatment plan for long-term addiction recovery.

Mindfulness: A Healthy Skill in Recovery from Substance Abuse

The practice of mindfulness benefits both mental and physical health. Mindfulness is a valuable skill to employ in recovery from drug abuse or alcoholism.

Managing Triggers That Can Lead to Relapse

As part of your recovery, it’s important that you develop an awareness of what might set you off. The people, places and things that cause you to have cravings are known as triggers.

How to Parent While in Recovery

Recovery from active drug addiction, alcoholism or substance use involves learning to be a better parent and role model for your children.

The Best Therapies for PTSD

Untreated PTSD can make it difficult to function. But therapy can help you to process what happened and to gain control of your emotional reactions.

Borderline Personality Disorder in Men

Just as with women, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can be hard to diagnose in men. Also, as with women, men struggling with BPD can find help through proper treatment.

Mental Health and Genetics

While there’s no blood or other definitive test that can diagnose a mental health disorder, genetics are a factor in the development of mental illness.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Managing Interpersonal Relationships

DBT teaches you how to decrease conflict in relationships, improving interpersonal relationships as you communicate openly and be less reactive.

Latest Research and Findings in Mental Health Treatment

The field of mental health treatment is continually evolving and improving as researchers find new options and work to improve existing therapies.

Treating Trauma and Alcoholism with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT has been found to be effective in treating mental health challenges including trauma and alcoholism as well as other forms of substance use disorder.

Why Does Alcoholism Run in Families?

Both genes and environment are factors alcoholism in families. But, children of alcoholics aren’t always destined to become alcoholics themselves.

How are Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms Hidden by Alcoholism?

Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can be difficult to detect behind the effects of alcoholism.

Why Detox is the First Step on the Road to Addiction Recovery

Going to rehab after detox gives you the best shot at not only getting sober but staying sober.

What Does Dual Diagnosis Mean?

When a person has a dual diagnosis, both conditions need to be treated. If only one of these conditions is treated, there’s a good chance the other will get worse.

Meet Our DBT Experts

When you choose a treatment center for addiction or mental health disorders, you need to consider the people behind the facility.

How to Treat Addiction to Multiple Substances

Addiction is a complex but treatable disease characterized by compulsive seeking of mind-altering substances in spite of negative consequences. An individual can be dependent on a single substance such as cocaine, heroin or alcohol, or they can be dependent on multiple substances.

Clearview Treatment Programs Announce Community Education Series

The goal of Clearview Treatment Programs’ community events is to help people better understand mental health disorders and evidence-based therapies.

What are the Advantages of Outpatient Rehab for Alcohol Abuse?

Outpatient rehab is a treatment option that may be a good choice for someone who wants to get sober but is unable to step away from daily responsibilities.

Why Addiction Treatment Can Be Intense and Scary

Beginning the recovery process takes courage and commitment. It’s usually intense. Some aspects of recovery are painful and some can be downright scary.

How Long Will I be in Rehab?

Several factors are involved in determining the amount of time needed for drug rehab. The length of stay can vary widely from one person to another.

Which Drug is the Worst to Withdraw From?

Withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, and other substances can be extremely unpleasant and sometimes dangerous without professional supervision.

What Are the Benefits of Drug Rehab Centers?

Rehabs are one of the most effective forms of treatment for recovering from drug addiction. There are many benefits to obtaining treatment at a drug rehab.

How Did You Overcome Your Addiction?

The ability to finally overcome addiction starts with making a decision that your life isn’t working as long as you are using substances.

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab?

There are many benefits to beginning recovery by going to an inpatient drug rehab. It’s a good way to obtain safe, focused care while receiving professional treatment physically, emotionally and psychologically. By staying in a facility, you have a better chance of avoiding relapse during the early days and weeks of your sobriety.

What Happens When a Severe Alcoholic Goes Cold Turkey?

Discontinuing the use of alcohol abruptly can cause the body to experience extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening, and can include seizures, hallucinations and possibly even death.

Can You Beat Drug or Alcohol Addiction Without Using a 12-Step Program?

There are alternative groups that can help you overcome isolation and the challenges associated with addictive behavior that don’t require following the 12 steps or taking a spiritual approach to recovery. If you are looking for an evidence-based or scientific approach to recovery, there are several other groups that might be a better fit for you.

How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab

You may feel like you have tried everything you can think of to talk your loved one into getting help. You may have cried, begged, screamed or set ultimatums, but nothing has worked. So, how can you convince your loved one to go to rehab?

Can Rehabs Work for Atheists and Non-Religious People?

If you’re not religious or consider yourself an atheist, you can still find a drug or alcohol rehab. Not all rehabs require religious or spiritual beliefs.

How to Help a Drug Addict

When you love someone who is addicted to drugs, you probably want very much to help them but may not know how. It can be hard to understand why the addict promises to stop using drugs yet keeps on doing just that.

The Best Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

The best rehab centers in Los Angeles offer a variety of treatment services that will increase the likelihood you will be able to overcome the challenges you are facing with substance abuse.

Clearview Treatment Programs Announces New Evening IOP Program

Clearview’s Evening IOP program is for clients with a primary mental health diagnosis, addiction, or dual diagnosis. In our outpatient treatment program, clients will participate in an intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills program as well as receive other evidenced-based therapies.

Why is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) so Effective?

DBT has been found to be helpful for treating many different conditions that involve difficulty regulating emotions, as well as unstable relationships or impulsive behaviors. DBT can bring about improvement for people who have complex and severe disorders that may seem hopeless and usually resist treatment.

How to Live with an Alcoholic in Recovery

Understanding as much as you can about alcoholism and the recovery process will help you to be a source of support to your loved one. It will also help you to be less reactive if the alcoholic experiences mood swings or experiences the urge to drink.

National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month is a time to educate people about addiction and mental health challenges and about treatment and successes of those in recovery.

Tips for Family Members of Addicts

What do you need to learn if you are living with an addict?

What’s It Like to Attend Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Rehab is a safe environment where you will be able to obtain support and guidance as you learn new coping skills for the stresses of life and how to deal with whatever comes up each day without reliance on substances.

Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy vs. DBT Informed

DBT-informed treatment incorporates the principles of DBT but doesn’t require all the aspects or stages of the complete program. With this approach, only the methods that are most needed are used, but DBT-informed treatment doesn’t include all five of the components of comprehensive DBT.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Substance Use Disorders (SUDs)

Using DBT, substance use and addictive behaviors can be replaced with healthy coping skills, and emotions can be brought under control. It’s an intense, structured form of treatment that may work for individuals who haven’t been able to achieve recovery from SUDs using other methods.

How to Get My Parents to Let Me Get Mental Health Treatment

If you believe you have a mental health condition, don’t give up on trying to get help. If your parents continue to ignore you or tell you that everything is fine, talk to another adult.

What’s the Difference Between Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder?

Bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder (BPD) have some symptoms in common but are actually two different conditions with different approaches to treatment.

What are the Advantages of Outpatient Treatment and Day Treatment?

For those who don’t require the structure of a residential treatment program, outpatient treatment has several advantages.

Family Therapy for Substance Abuse

Family therapy allows each member of the family to learn more and to recognize their part in the shared experiences of the family. Without help, a family can stay stuck in unhealthy behavior patterns, but with the help of family therapy, the family as a whole can start to heal.

Clearview Treatment Programs Hosts Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Workshop with Dr. Alec L. Miller, PsyD

Clearview Treatment Programs is excited to host “DBT Strategies for Treating Adolescents, Young Adults and their Families” on Friday, June 22, 2018 at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Marina del Rey, Ca.

Why Rehab Away from Home May Best Suit You

Many people choose a rehab center out of town (or state) to receive treatment because there are many benefits to leaving your comfortable surroundings behind to overcome an addiction. Choosing a treatment facility away from home could be vital to your success in the long run.

National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week

The goal of National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week is to provide education and information about these conditions to the public and to help reduce the stigma associated with them.

National Prevention Week by SAMHSA

National Prevention Week is an annual event put on by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day in 2018 is on May 10. It’s a day that intends to help people be more aware of the mental health of children and adolescents.

5 Things That Will Test Your Sobriety

For lots of people in early recovery, managing challenges and feeling a sense of accomplishment from taking care of things is one of the many great things about getting sober. Here are five specific challenges you’re likely to face in early recovery.

Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teens and Young Adults

It’s a common misconception that prescription drugs aren’t as dangerous as street drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor, but any time narcotics or strong medications are not taken exactly as prescribed, they can become dangerous or even deadly.

Alcohol Awareness Month: Changing Attitudes

The goal of Alcohol Awareness Month is to educate the public, increase awareness, encourage people to reach out to the public with information about alcoholism and recovery and to help reduce the stigma that is often associated with the disease of alcoholism.

Putting an End to the Stigma of Addiction

The stigma of addiction has the potential to adversely affect a person’s self-esteem as well as damage relationships. But that is not all. Arguably, the worst effect the stigma of addiction is its ability to prevent those battling addiction from seeking or getting treatment.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month: Recognizing Gambling Addiction and its Connection to Substance Abuse

If your gambling is in any way connected to drinking or substance abuse, you may not be able to stop gambling without getting treatment for substance abuse. If your gambling is in any way connected to drinking or substance abuse, you may not be able to stop gambling without getting treatment for substance abuse.

Signs Of A Drinking Or Drug Problem With Your College Student

How can you tell if your child is just a college student, or if a drinking or drug problem accounts for the new habits or behaviors you’re seeing?

Getting and Staying Sober This Year

If your goal is for this year to be your year of sobriety, equip yourself with knowledge and support so you can push through when your resolution high begins to dwindle. Those who are proactive about making their resolutions to get sober a reality have a genuine chance at experiencing positive results.

5 Ways Shame Can Shape Your Life

Shame is so powerful that it can impact the whole trajectory of a person’s life. Because of shame’s power, it is important to understand the specific impact it has on people. It is important to consider the way out of shame.

5 Ways to Move Past Depression in the New Year

People who take practical steps to manage their depression and carry these steps out over long periods of time often see results.

Can I Drink Alcohol if I have Bipolar Disorder?

Is it possible to have bipolar and drink alcohol responsibly? Here are four compelling reasons individuals with bipolar disorder should avoid drinking alcohol.

How to Celebrate Sober

The holidays can be a blessing and a curse for people new to recovery: celebrating sober after years of using drugs or alcohol can be challenging but also so fulfilling. Being sober is something to celebrate all on its own read more

Clearview Treatment Programs Achieve Behavioral Health and Chemical Dependency Certification from The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission Behavioral Health and Chemical Dependency Certification demonstrates Clearview’s commitment to quality and safety.

Holiday Expectations: From Norman Rockwell to Just Plain Normal

For many, the holidays cause significant stress, be it financial, familial or emotional. What do you do when your reality just can’t compete with your expectations?

Why You Should Go Into Rehab Over The Holidays

This year, give yourself the gift of sobriety. Enter a drug or alcohol rehab for the holidays and start your recovery with a festive and strong foundation.

Clearview Treatment Programs is Now an In-Network Provider with Anthem Blue Cross

Clearview Treatment Programs’ clients can now use Anthem Blue Cross in-network benefits at most of our treatment facilities.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse Over The Holidays

Sometimes the signs and symptoms of an alcohol abuse problem are subtle and seem to creep up on you, but more commonly the indicators are present and noticeable.

6 Things that Increase Addiction in College Students

College students are at risk for developing addictions. Where do these high levels of substance use come from? A number of factors leave college students especially prone to falling into these addictive behaviors.

What To Do With Your Drunk Uncle At Thanksgiving

Holidays can be tough, but here are some things to think about to help you get through it, minimizing discomfort to both you and your host.

How to Stay Sober from Thanksgiving to New Year’s

The holidays are a difficult time for people who struggle with alcoholism. People tend to drink more alcohol on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve than they do on other days of the year.

5 Ways Staying Active Can Help Your Recovery 

One lifestyle change that can have a significant effect on recovery is physical activity. Staying active can help you move towards recovery and sobriety in a number of different ways.

Signs of Mental Illness in Women: Anxiety and Depression

How can you tell when you or someone you love has crossed the line, from just a case of “the blues” to clinical depression? Is your best friend just nervous, or does she have an actual anxiety disorder?

5 Mental Health Apps that will Change Your Life

Here are five highly rated mental health apps specifically targeting anxiety, stress, substance use, mood, and emotion dysregulation.

Telling Your Family You Have an Addiction Problem

The day that you find yourself actually having to admit that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol is likely a day that is overwhelming and frightening. As addicts, we work so very hard to try and hide our addiction.

Tough Love and Enabling During Addiction: Why They Don’t Work

People often display these two common behaviors when trying to help an addicted loved one. Here is a look at why tough love and enabling don’t always help when you’re dealing with someone who has a drug or alcohol addiction.