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When a Friend Enters Drug Rehab: What to Say

When a friend enters drug rehab, it can be a difficult and uncomfortable process for both of you.

Yes, you likely knew that this day would come. Now that it is here, you might feel like you are at a loss for what to say.

Unfortunately, a friend entering drug rehab is never an easy situation to navigate. But there are a number of different things you can say and do to let your friend know that you are there to support their successful recovery.

What Should I Say to My Friend Entering Drug Rehab?

Without a doubt, you and your friend have likely gone through the ups and downs that come with their substance abuse. You may have even been the one to help them make the decision to enter drug rehab.

Even though you are happy that your friend has made the right decision, you might also be faced with what to do now that they are taking the step you always hoped they would.

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There are number of different things that you can say to your friend as they enter drug rehab. Here are just a few suggestions:

Of course, what you choose to say to your friend entering drug rehab depends on the circumstances and your relationship with them. Always do what makes sense for you, and know that there is support for you as a friend through organizations such as Al-Anon.

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