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What To Do With Your Drunk Uncle At Thanksgiving

How to Avoid Drunk Relatives During the HolidaysWhether or not you are in recovery yourself, getting trapped at the Thanksgiving table with a drunken family member can lead to a whole lot of feelings … none of them thankful! Given the prevalence of alcoholism in the overall population, most large families have at least one member who suffers from addiction. Holidays can be tough, but here are some things to think about to help you get through it, minimizing discomfort to both you and your host.

First, don’t second guess yourself or beat yourself up for having a problem with your relative’s drunken behavior. Being around someone who has lost control can be uncomfortable at best. The inappropriate comments, unwanted sexual advances, and belligerent attitude can turn the holiday celebration into a stressful trial. If you’re having strong feelings about attending, including feeling like you’d just rather not go, that’s ok. Don’t heap guilt or feelings of obligation on top of that. It’s ok to feel angry or unhappy about your relative’s behavior, but you can choose to behave with dignity and compassion.

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How can you make this year different and enjoy your holiday with family despite the challenges? Here are some ideas to consider before the actual day:

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On the day of the celebration:

Lastly, remember that if you feel you must opt out of the celebration in order to take care of yourself, do so. It is a difficult decision to make with pros and cons on both sides, but if you feel that this year, for whatever combination of reasons, you need to take a step away from family gatherings, let your host know in advance and be honest. Next year will be different if you take steps now to make sure it is.

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