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Why You Should Break Away From Your Codependent Relationship

Not every relationship is going to be good for you, even those that you desperately want to make work. Sometimes, it is in the letting go that can help you get back on your feet and put you in a clear mindset. When you are clouded with a codependent relationship, you are not living up to your full potential as an individual.

For those who are in a codependent relationship, their behaviors and thought processes tend to be a bit more complex than those who are engaged in a healthy relationship. For example, two of the biggest fears that people in these kinds of relationships have is abandonment and vulnerability. Whether it stems from actual abandonment that occurred in the past, or being left in a position where they were extremely vulnerable, people can begin to obsess about their relationship by depending entirely on the other person in an attempt to avoid experiencing those feelings ever again. This often includes behaviors such as trying to rescue the other member of the relationship to feel validation and/or staying in the relationship even if they might feel that it is no longer healthy.

While it might be the most overwhelming and drastic change you can make, learning how to step away from your codependent relationship can be the key to your success as an individual, and make you stronger and more independent.

Tips to Break Away from Your Codependent Relationship

Not all codependent relationships are easy to break away from. Many times, couples in these relationships break up just to make up. To ensure that you do not fall into that pattern, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of a codependent relationship so you can begin to find your independence again. It is time to regain your power by letting go of your unhealthy relationship and working toward finding love in a positive way.

Contributed by Michelle Bazinet.

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