Our Relapse Policy

At Clearview Treatment Programs, we believe in the effectiveness of our dual diagnosis treatment center and drug rehab, and we believe in your ability to attain recovery.

If you follow our treatment recommendations, you will likely be able to maintain sobriety. However, relapse is sometimes part of recovery. When relapse occurs, we strive to shorten your relapse and make possible a quick return to treatment without a financial burden.

The Clearview Commitment ensures that, if you do relapse, you can return to residential treatment for up to 30 days at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Our policy applies to any client who successfully completes a minimum of 90 days at Clearview’s Center for Addictions and Mental Health Disorders residential treatment center, then makes a direct transition to and completes at least 90 days of Clearview’s Outpatient Treatment Center, and successfully discharges.

Residential and outpatient treatment must take place with no break in between and no relapse within either level of care. Clearview’s relapse policy sets the standard amongst treatment centers.

We stand by our treatment and are committed to helping you succeed.


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