When BIG Emotions are Driving the Bus!

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August 3


11:30 am - 02:00 pm

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For Professionals


Choices Counseling & Skills Center


Il Fornaio

24 W Union Street

Pasadena, CA, 91103

DBT strategies to prevent and treat problems stemming from BIG emotions

  • Do you work with people who struggle with emotions that get in the way of effective problem solving or create problems in their relationships?
  • Do your clients go from crisis to crisis preventing them from developing effective coping skills?
  • Have you ever unintentionally gotten caught up in the storm of BIG emotions and regretted your reactions?

Oftentimes, BIG emotions show up in the midst of challenge, pain or conflict, and can lead to behaviors that make things worse unintentionally.

This brief workshop offers an introduction to the assumptions, strategies, and skills of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), currently considered one of the gold standard treatment protocols for people who struggle with regulating their emotions and the unintended consequences that often follow.

For both professionals and recipients of services, DBT offers SKILLS to accept things we cannot change and SKILLS to effectively make difficult changes when needed.

Enjoy lunch, network, and take away some useful tools to identify, understand, & dial down BIG emotions. Increase your own effectiveness to respond to BIG emotions rather than react.

Co-hosting with Choices Counseling & Skills Center.