When it comes to making a complete recovery from an addiction or mental health disorder, family support is vital.

At Clearview, we know how important this component is to treatment. That is why we’ve created several opportunities for families to be involved in treatment and get needed support themselves.

Two-Day Family Program

Clearview’s two-day intensive family program is designed to help families change damaging behaviors and rebuild their relationships. During the family program, you will participate in activities and group sessions that will help you to address family issues and build effective communication skills.

With the guidance of Clearview’s skilled treatment team, you will be able to overcome barriers to change and strengthen your family relationships.

Our intensive two-day family program is free and available to any family member with a loved one currently in residential or outpatient treatment at Clearview.

DBT Family Skills Course

For families of women at Clearview Women’s Center’s residential treatment program, we offer a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills course. This five-week course provides family members with an overview of the DBT skills their loved one is learning during treatment.

When you can learn the DBT skills as well, you can learn how to have better communication with your loved one and how to provide them even more support in their recovery. The course also gives you a chance to get support from and connect with other families when you need it most.

The course is held weekly via telephone and is led by one of our experienced DBT therapists. It is only open to families of women enrolled at Clearview Women’s Center, and is included as part of treatment.

Family Support Group

No matter what diagnosis your loved one has, it can be helpful for you to get support as well. That is why, every week, we hold a free family support group at our Westwood location.

This family support group is open to families of clients enrolled in any of our treatment programs, as well as other families in the community who need support.

Family Therapy

Any client enrolled at Clearview can request couples and family therapy sessions with their therapist or case manager. For more information about our family support group, please call us at (866) 339-3544.

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