2021 Clinical Outcomes and Key Findings

Together, we can help them break the treatment cycle.
Witnessing a loved one struggle with a mental health condition is difficult and finding the right treatment program can feel impossible. Maybe your loved one has tried other facilities but didn’t achieve the results you were both hoping for. Together, we can provide your loved one with the help they need to ensure sustained recovery.

About Clearview Treatment Programs

For over 20 years, Clearview Treatment Programs has been a trusted provider, dually licensed to treat mental health and substance abuse disorders for adults. We also specialize in borderline personality disorder (BPD) with clinical excellence in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). At Clearview, we offer a specialized full continuum of care with residential centers and outpatient treatment options, allowing clients to enter at the level of treatment that is best for sustained recovery.

Clinically Excellent Psychiatric Treatment Informed By Research

Our network uses BASIS-24 to identify a wide range of symptoms across the diagnostic spectrum. Using a five-point Likert scale, the 24 questions are scored using a weighted average algorithm that gives an overall score and scores for six subscales that cover the following domains: depression, relationships, self-harm, emotional lability, psychosis, and substance abuse. The questionnaire was administered at admission, mid-treatment or every 30 days, and again at discharge.
When compared to 23,172 residential treatment cases across comparable facilities nationwide, the Odyssey Psychiatric Network outpaced multiple industry benchmarks and helped thousands of clients progress in their recovery journeys in 2021.

Why Clearview?


What Family Members Are Saying

We’re proud to be a part of the progress our clients make on their journeys towards lasting recovery and are ready to help your loved one take the next step in their journey.
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Going to treatment is a scary experience. It’s scary for the patient and just as much so for parents and family. Most of the treatment centers have nice facilities, nutritious food, gym and yoga access etc. Clearview has all of those things as well but it’s not what makes them truly special. -Grateful Former Clearview Client
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Clearview took the scariest day of my life and made me feel like it was going to be ok. What I didn’t know then, but I know now, is that as I walked through this experience for myself, they were helping my family navigate it as well. Just as I got the care and resources that I needed, they also made sure that my family was getting the same. -Grateful Former Clearview Client
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Clearview Saved my life. Professional, loving environment. They not only educated me on how to manage my own mental illness, but educated my whole family on how to support a loved one living with mental illness. I highly recommend Clearview Women’s Center and appreciate each and every staff member who helped me learn how to have a fulfilling life worth living for. -Grateful Former Clearview Client
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2021 Client Demographics

Primary Diagnosis

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2021 Outcomes

Clearview is nationally recognized for clinical excellence in successfully treating complex mental health and substance use disorders. With over 20 years of clinical expertise, the trust we’ve built is something we don’t take lightly. Whether clients enter our residential program or outpatient treatment, we help them get the treatment they need to have the life they want.

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*Current outcomes reports include Clearview, Lifeskills, and Pasadena Villa.

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