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When you choose a facility for residential or outpatient treatment of addiction or mental health disorders, you need to consider …

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When you choose a facility for residential or outpatient treatment of addiction or mental health disorders, you need to consider the people behind the facility. Treatment of substance use or mental health challenges requires much more than textbook knowledge or a robotic approach. It requires the personal touch of people who genuinely care.

Those who work at Clearview Treatment Programs know that working here is much more than just a job. It’s a place where lives can be truly transformed. Through their dedication and compassion, every day the staff help people surmount obstacles that may seem insurmountable. With their help, you’ll be able to learn new skills that can help you rise above your challenges and have the best life possible. A few members of the Clearview staff are introduced below.
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Meet Nicole Riddle

Nicole Riddle has been a psychologist on the treatment team at Clearview’s Women’s Center for the past eight years and has served as Associate Clinical Director for the past year. She’s involved in a wide variety of leadership functions such as program development for the Women’s Center, program development for our family class, supervision of other members of the treatment team, and our collaborative study with Yale School of Medicine.

Nicole was drawn to Clearview because she knew there were efforts being made to create an environment where women could get treatment that was evidence-based and move away from the stigma Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) clients so often face. “People are in so much pain, and it doesn’t have to be that way,” says Nicole.

The people who work at Clearview Treatment Programs are committed to their work and truly care about the clients they are trying to help. Nicole knew she wouldn’t feel fulfilled unless her career had focus, and she is thoughtful, caring and dedicated. She is an example of the amazing staff at Clearview, who are motivated on a daily basis to provide information to clients on how to access a life worth living and to offer support to clients and families on their journey of healing.

Meet Sandra Powers

Sandra Powers is an example of Clearview’s dedication to employing the best of the best in the field of mental health treatment. Sandra is Associate Clinical Director of the Outpatient and DBT Treatment Center. Her job is to make sure that both clients and staff at the outpatient programs have the best possible experience. This includes supervising staff, managing clinical and administrative matters and meeting with clients. She strives to enhance client experiences by augmenting the breadth and quality of treatment offered.

Sandra was surprised to discover how research-driven Clearview is. “We keep up with the latest research on innovative and effective treatments,” she says. “We read and disseminate studies about symptoms and behaviors. We are scientists at the core.”

Sandra is motivated by the transformations she sees in her clients. When someone is struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction or a combination of mental health challenges and begins to use new coping tools to improve mood and behavior, it’s like a lightbulb goes off. Seeing clients start to gain hope and confidence in their abilities and meeting with organizations around the country to teach them about Clearview and about Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) offer Sandra rich and valuable learning experiences and keep her interested and engaged in what she’s doing each day. She brings excellence, passion and dedication to the Clearview team.

Meet Kate Roahrig

Kate Roahrig came to Clearview just out of graduate school. She was drawn to the opportunity because she expected it to be challenging, and she wasn’t disappointed. Kate has worked at Clearview since 2012 and has worked her way through several positions, starting as Community Counselor. She started running groups, then became a house manager.

For the last three years, Kate has been a valued therapist at the Women’s Center residential program. In her current position, she is a DBT Therapist, group facilitator and family program facilitator. With her varied background, clients know they can’t sneak much past her. “I’ve worked with and learned from some really amazing people over the years, both staff and clients,” Kate says. She’s very motivated to continue to be a lifelong learner and to continue growing as a therapist and as a person.

Kate says she wishes people knew the level of involvement and dedication that the entire staff puts into the program and their work with clients. She continues by saying that what people see in front of them is only a fraction of the whole picture and that there is quite a bit more happening behind the scenes, such as team consultation meetings, one-on-one supervision, collaborative calls with family/outside providers and consultation with expert DBT consultants.

The work that Clearview’s expertly dedicated staff does each day allows them to enter into dark and desperate places with clients and to find a way to help guide them out. Kate’s proudest moments are when clients share with her that they now have hope. Kate is loving, enthusiastic and truly committed to being part of the Clearview family.

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