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For more than a decade, Clearview Treatment Programs in Los Angeles has provided expert treatment for a variety of addictions and mental health disorders. With expertise in treating substance abuse, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and dual diagnoses, we have helped countless men and women make a complete recovery from their disorder.

Using only the most proven therapies available, our capable addiction and mental health treatment team can provide you the skills needed to sustain your recovery for the long-term. Whether you enter our residential, day, or outpatient treatment programs, we know we can help you get the treatment you need to have the life you want.

We uniquely offer a full continuum of care at Clearview, allowing you to enter at the level of treatment you need and taper down as you progress. This allows you to get the support and structure you need while you learn to apply your new skills to your everyday life.

We are also one of the only treatment centers on the West Coast to offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) throughout our treatment programs. This skills-based therapy has been proven to effectively treat a range of disorders, and our DBT therapists are extensively trained to make sure you are getting the best treatment possible.

DBT is only one of the many evidence-based therapies we use throughout individual and group therapy sessions. Our expert team will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan so that you can get the treatment that is right for you.

At Clearview Treatment Programs, we are committed to helping you heal and have a lasting recovery.

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